Our History

Chichis and Charlies

The history of Chichis and charlies is many years back  in the sixties, when Isla Mujeres had very few inhabitants and was not an island internationally known.

One day, the architect Carlos Cervera, flying his cessna  plane saw  this área  from the air in North Beach and said, I want to buy that place is the best on the island, and he did. He  build a house to go to Isla Mujeres for vacation and relax

Over the years in the early 80’s they decided to open a small restaurant to welcome friends and tourists  of the island, the place soon became popular for its fresh and delicious seafood.

In the 90’s chichis  and charlies  was a place well known on the island for international tourists, palapas  with bars were built in front of the sea  with swings, lounge chairs and umbrellas were placed  all along the beach in the most beautiful place Island, North Beach.

Mr  Carlos Cervera died more than  14 years ago but in  this place we remember him firendly because  he  liked to talk and make friends in the island.He  was always on the terrace of his house looking  the yachts and enjoying the beautiful view of the Caribbean and the sea breeze.

In the 90’s the  Mr Cervera son  Cervera  continued  with  the business with passion and dedication as far

After 2000 was built next to the main house a building of 3 floors with room to run as a hotel and offers moderately priced accommodations in the best place on Isla Mujeres.